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> 8-24-2011 - NEW SHOW - Part 2 of our StripCon show with!!
Once again we team up with to bring you Geeks to the 7th power, test webcam now! We present you with part 2 of Raddcast's part 1 of our visit to StripCon 2011. Go to to hear part 1 then return here. There are no words to describe the nerd-gasms and freakishness that ensues. So you must listen NOW!! Recorded Saturday, August 6, 2011
> 8-23-2011 - Site updated - New pictures, new videos, and new awesomeness !!

Check out our new player above. Yes, we've lowered ourselves to advertising .. hey we need money too. New pics and videos on the multimedia page and new crew changes on the crew page. We are now entering Season 4 !! Shit has it been that long already? Our old shows will be back online soon, just chill.

> 7-2-2011 - NEW SHOW – It's hot !! Fool, where you born on the sun !!

Beat the heat with your favorite Geeks! What's at the movies and why do we care. And a game about women that everyone fails. Content is awesome, audio is just good enough. We fix it next time so get over it. Recorded Sunday, June 26, 201 At yahoo






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